The Betting Revolution

Summer 2010 is one packed full of sport. From Wimbledon to the World Cup, The US Open to the Grand National there is plenty of action to watch, but also plenty of opportunities to place a little bet here and there. In previous decades people would pop down to the bookies for a cheeky gamble, but now there is no need to even leave home.

Online casinos and betting websites satiate your gambling needs from one location. Even if you are the sort of person to just bet on the ”gee-gees” or if you love to hit the poker tables on a regular basis, online casinos offer both options and are thereby completely changing the way we gamble.

The newest and most exciting way to gamble online is through ”In-play” betting. The World Cup in South Africa, is set to be one of the biggest ever online gambling events in the UK, and one of the most popular forms of gambling will be in-play betting.

During this year”s World Cup, many bookies with online ventures, expect 25% of their turnover to come from online sources, including web-enabled mobile phones. With all bets combined, from both real and virtual outlets, in-play betting is likely to account for around a third of all betting and much of this can be done from a mobile phone while punters are watching in the pub.

The Betting Revolution

Land-based bookies can”t compete with the audience numbers and bets-per-minute figures of online casinos that currently deal with hundreds of countries and can take about 100 bets per second. Online gambling is becoming ever more lucrative as numerous markets can be created from one match.

Online casinos offer a range of perks and incentives to entice us in. Tactics include free plays, and free credit just for signing up to the site. This will lead to greater customer loyalty, which is lacking in traditional casinos and bookies.

Because it is so easy, online gambling continues to increase in popularity. You can gamble from your bed in your underwear, do it from your mobile phone on the train home from work and you don”t have to feel intimidated by real-life casinos and more experienced gamblers.

As many sites offer casino games, as well as sports betting, the World Cup as well as Wimbledon and the various summer horse races should boost awareness for these sites and thus they will become even more successful.